Are we helping our kids grow, right?

If this question has intrigued you, you are at the right place. We believe that every child is a superstar; all they need is to be measured with the correct scale! To foster an environment that enables a holistic evaluation of kids in their early days, we have developed TOFOO. This intelligent research-based learning solution is a powerful tool that helps in the skill discovery of kids and aids their early developmental phases effectively.

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Every child is born skilled. The focus should be to identify and nurture those skills during the formative years when they are at their natural best. Tofoo is a skill discovery platform powered by artificial intelligence that offers a personalized scale for each child's skill assessment. It aids the facilitators to capture formative data points with a simple intuitive click based system and automatically generates intelligent skill report and suggestions. Tofoo is here to redefine skill discovery.

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Unleash the superhero in your child!

TOFOO Classroom

Tofoo Classroom is an intelligent platform designed to aid preschools & kindergartens in creating a holistic learning environment for kids


Toys that are designed scientifically to help kids between 6 and 36 months of age meet their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive milestones.

TOFOO Parenting

Tofoo Parenting is an intelligent tool designed to make early parenting fun & exciting! It focuses on 360-degree development and aids parent-child bonding positively.


Skill Discovery

ML driven skill discovery powered by Wudi was among Startup Istanbul's Top 100 in 2020

Holistic Approach

Our platfrom focuses on holisitc development of the child

Expert Driven Research

Developed by experts from across the globe with years of relentless research


What our clients have to say

Tofoo parenting is an excellent parenting tool for new parents. Tofoo made life so much easier for my wife and me when we had our firstborn. It helped us understand and track our son's developmental milestones with ease.


Dubai – UAE

My husband and I enjoyed doing everything in Tofoo Parenting with our firstborn. All the activities were engaging and helped us spend quality time together as a family. I highly recommend this platform to parents, especially first-timers!


Dubai – UAE

Our twins, Michael & Zeke, loved doing all the activities in their Tofoo Parenting activity plan. For parents, Tofoo is a great teaching tool; its activity plan helps kids develop their physical and social skills well. I highly recommend this tool, especially for working parents.


Doha – Qatar

I highly recommend this platform to all parents! All the activities in Toffo make learning fun and engaging for parents and kids alike. Our daughter Hazel loved all the activities and looked forward to doing them daily.


London – UK

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